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Beginners’ Guide: How to Make Instagram Posts

If you want to learn how to post on Instagram, we are breaking down the types of Instagram posts in this beginners’ guide. Keep reading to find out more. 

The most crucial aspect of posting is curating a personal connection with your target audience, including existing and potential customers. For example, ADT customer service puts its customers first by creating hands-on home security solutions. So let’s dive right into our topic. 

What Are the Types of Instagram Posts? 

Traditional Feed Posts

The traditional feed, a single-shot Instagram post is liked by casual and business users. 

Ideally, your traditional post should contain a single image and a relevant caption. For example, the caption could be full of optimized phrases regarding your industry or anything aptly describing the picture. 

Don’t choose stock photos because authenticity issues are taken very seriously on Instagram. Plus, they don’t give desired engagement results. Instead, focus your energy on creating unique and original content that best aligns with your posting objectives. Following are some valuable practices you can adopt to create engaging posts: 

  • Try not to overwhelm your audience with wordy captions or posts. Instead, keep it light and simple. 
  • You must have heard the famous phrase: out of sight, out of mind. So try to post frequently, so your followers don’t forget you. 
  • Add the human element; people love to relate to similar experiences. 

Carousel Posts

Create a carousel Instagram post when you want to add multiple photos in a single post. You need to follow the same steps to post this carousel post, just like a traditional, or basic Instagram post. But you have to pick the “select multiple” option for this post.

After selecting your pictures – you can post up to 10 photos – go through the process as you do for a single post. You can also edit the pictures by cropping when needed, filtering them, and straightening things that don’t look good.

While you can add multiple pictures to your post, you can only caption them once. Here are some suggestions for posting carousel posts:

  • Build on the story by using relatable pictures.
  • Use the best picture as a hook.
  • Use the same font throughout the pictures, if available. 
  • Write engaging descriptions, so users want to keep swiping on the pictures. 
  • Ensure that each picture is unique. 

Additionally, even if users miss out on the first picture, Instagram often displays another picture from the same post. 

Instagram Stories

Firstly, you have to learn atención al cliente Windstream how to post images on Instagram. Learn from the single-shot original style to the carousel posts style; once you have mastered these two, learn how to add Instagram stories.

Nowadays, over 50% of the customers like to purchase the product after seeing it in a story. So, stories are becoming a big deal, and people want to watch them.

The Instagram story post is a picture or video that shows on users’ feeds for just 24 hours; it automatically disappears after that period. But you can save the story by adding it to the profile as a “highlight”.

Adding the story to your highlights follow the exact steps you might follow for a regular or carousel post.  A gray circle is used to take photographs and hold the gray circle for longer to record videos. You can also add the picture or video from your phone’s gallery. 

You can also add stickers, text, or draw on your photos and videos. Here are tips to guide you while creating your story:

  • Every slide in the story will show on the screen for ten seconds, so don’t overwhelm your users with text that they can’t read within that time.
  • Add hashtags on the photos or videos that can support your story to reach more viewers.
  • Include a poll or a quiz to ensure active engagement.
  • Add a call to action in your story that enables users to take quick action. For example, this can increase the seasonal sale or other events.

Final Thoughts 

To sum it up, the main advantage of stories on Instagram is that it allows interaction with your followers. They will quickly scroll past your post if it is not engaging enough, so you have to make content that is worth their while. Speaking of which, ADT security offers incredible packages for your home security needs. Check out our website for more details.  

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