Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

Utilisation of a forensic watermarking service

For the purpose of preventing piracy from occuring with premium streaming content, the utilisation of a forensic watermarking service that is in possession of these top features is necessary.

End-to-end security solutions have become an important necessity for content providers in this day and age, as both the demand for streaming material and the number of incidents of content piracy continue to increase at an alarming rate. When it comes to premium content, digital rights management (DRM) protects the content and prohibits unauthorised access; however, forensic watermarking solutions assist studios and OTT providers in protecting the copyright of their content, discouraging piracy, and identifying the source of the leak.

When deciding on a provider of services for video watermarking, there are a few considerations that you need to give careful attention to, including the following:

Because of its robustness and speed, the forensic video watermarking system needs to be resilient enough to survive the ever-evolving types of cyber piracy. It is not enough for a service provider to simply be current on the most recent methods of content theft; they must also aim to remain one step ahead of the game. In addition to this, the solution ought to be housed in the cloud with order to assist in the incorporation and recognition of watermarks in a more expedient manner. This is something that is particularly important for performances that take place in real time.

Both the SaaS and subscription-based pricing models provide value to the customer, and both of these models are easy to grow in response to shifts in the market. Because of this, they are ideal for markets that are constantly shifting and changing.

Offerings in terms of breadth and scalability: When it comes to content security, the concept of a “one size fits all” solution is not a good one to have in mind. Different kinds of data necessitate distinct tiers of safety precautions to be taken. As a result of this, forensic watermarking service providers need to understand the specific requirements of content owners and supply appropriate solutions that are tailor-made to meet the ever-evolving requirements for security. This is important in order to keep up with the constantly shifting requirements for security. As the streaming service grows, the system must be able to accommodate millions of users and devices without causing a slowdown in the rate at which watermarks may be identified. It must be scalable.

As technological developments and internet connection speeds continue to improve, content providers have a greater duty to ensure that the intellectual property of their customers is protected from piracy in every corner of the world. Cybercriminals will always have the option to launch an attack even if the service is only provided in a specific geographic region.

However, other components, such as DRM protection and analytics, can be coupled with the solutions to provide a comprehensive security solution. The primary focus of the solutions should be on the detection and extraction of watermarks; however, other components can be linked with the solutions. The gathering and examination of data can be useful in a variety of circumstances; for example, if you want to boost the quality of decisions made by your organisation or if you want to bolster the security of your material, you can do both of these things by collecting and analysing data.

It is imperative that the solution be compatible with older devices in order to fully realise the benefits of the greater security that are associated with it. In addition to this, future-proofing should be taken into consideration so that the solution can be utilised on devices that have not yet been invented. This is because it is impossible to predict what gadgets will be invented in the future. Always deal with services that have a proven track record of successfully identifying watermarks and combating piracy across all distribution channels. This is the best method to ensure that your content is protected.

The use of forensic watermarks to watermark DRM protected content in conjunction with other anti-piracy methods is widely held to be the most successful approach for preventing the pirate of DRM-protected content. This opinion is supported by the opinions of a variety of security professionals. If you make sure to follow the criteria that were mentioned above when selecting a forensic watermarking company, you will increase the likelihood of preventing a loss of revenue, which can be accomplished.

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