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Home Remedy Kills Fleas on Kittens (8 Easy Ways)

Home Remedy Kills Fleas on Kittens (8 Easy Ways). Ctenocephalides felis is an essential flea that infests cats worldwide.

It infests houses and makes each pet’s and owner’s lives miserable. It is crucial to manipulate flea infestation as rapidly as possible.

Various measures can assist in manipulating flea infestation.


Wash each floor and fixtures of the house weekly and wash the kitten blanket in warm water and detergent.


Comb your kitten with the flea comb dipped in an aggregate of little cleaning soap and water as soon as a week.

It will do away with fleas from the kitten’s body. Dunk the brush into hot, soapy water to kill the fleas.


Although bathing can assist your pet, it isn’t mandatory. Lukewarm, slightly soapy water may be used for killing fleas.

Usually, flea shampoo isn’t essential because it could be too harsh and do now no longer have an enduring effect. Be cautious even with the usage of medicated shampoos.

If your kitten’s pores and skin appear touchy and allergic or have open pores and skin wounds, seek advice from your vet earlier than the usage of shampoo due to the fact it could aggravate or get worse the infection.

Apple cider vinegar

Diluted apple cider vinegar in water can also eliminate fleas out of your pet’s fur, pores, and skin naturally.

However, kittens might not like it—a mix of water or food.

Let your kitten groom itself

Cats smooth themselves extra once they get fleas. It enables them to dispose of fleas.

However, if your kitten is chewing or scratching itself or has hair loss or bloody purple skin, then seek advice from the vet for flea allergy.


Unique flea collars are to be had withinside the marketplace to repel the fleas. These collars emit a substance this is deadly for the fleas. Serest collars are trendy.

These include a unique powder that can repel fleas for up to eight months.

Read the labels and guidelines of use carefully. Wash your palms with cleaning soap and water when you deal with them.

Consult your veterinarian

You have to seek advice from your veterinarian if you suspect your kitten has fleas. Once they verify the diagnosis, they will suggest


(tablets) which includes Lotilaner, Advantage, Activyl, Advantix, Advocate, and Revolution kill fleas in as low as 30 minutes, and the safety lasts for a month. It is simple to apply, effective, and as soon as a month remedy.

A topical pores and skin remedy that works nicely for a month or kills fleas.

Follow the guidance and guidelines of use while using it to the kitten’s fur or pores and skin.


Cats aren’t an equal species. Avoid the usage of merchandise supposed in your puppies to your cats.

Some canine merchandise is even deadly for cats. Take extra precautions and be mild while making use of pesticides to kittens. They are specifically very touchy to that merchandise.

How to prevent flea infestation in kittens?

To save you a repeated flea infestation in kittens,

  • Use medicinal drugs, including Activyl, to make lady fleas sterile and save them from laying new eggs.
  • Vacuum the carpet to a few instances per week to put off eggs and dormant fleas.
  • Wash puppy blankets weekly withinside the washing device and vary them.
  • Spray flea killer insecticide withinside the residence, kennels, and yards.
  • Treat the garden with the pesticide if your kitten continues getting re-inflamed on every occasion it is going outside.
  • Fog the residence to save you flea larvae development.
  • Replace carpet and hold your house as dry as viable to make your property much less flea-friendly.

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